Our history

Traditional flavours in an original ambience

The origin of the name of the Antica Besseta, one of the oldest trattorias in Venice, stems from a strange story encompassing both legend and tradition.

In the Venetian dialect, various terms are used to define money. The most common is "schei", invented in the Nineteenth Century for the coins minted by the Veneto Lombard Kingdom to describe the Austrian Lira cent. The word "palanche" is also commonly used: the "palanca” was a ten cent Veneto coin. The "bezzo" was a copper coin which had half the value of a Veneto coin, namely half a ‘palanca’.

It is said that the owner of the restaurant was probably a kind and generous man. Once a week he guaranteed a meal for a ‘besso’ (half a ‘palanca’) to the poor and the needy. Instead his sister who also lived in this alley was mean and only interested in money and also acted as a usury and money lender. From here came the name of the Vecia Besseta, which was then changed to the Antica Besseta.

The restaurant is located in Salizzada Ca Zusto, between the Campi San Giacomo dell’Orio and the Campo Nazario Sauro in a privileged setting away from the chaos of the large influx of tourists.

A vine covered pergola in the courtyard covers the facade to create a cool shelter from the summer heat. On the side is the narrowest calle (alley) in Venice: in fact, it is so narrow that only one person can pass at a time!
These details are more than enough to appeal to the curiosity of gourmets and visitors in search of an unusual place to eat. However, first and foremost you can enjoy excellent cuisine based on a mix of traditional and new tastes at theAntica Besseta.

Homemade pasta, fresh fish guaranteed and artisan made desserts and sorbets are the stars of our gastronomic offer knowingly proposed as a delicious anthem to a typical Venice dinner. All the dishes are passionately prepared with the essential ingredients in order to bring the great flavours of the Lagoon to the table. Our prestigious selection of Italian wines has been chosen to ensure the perfect accompaniment to your meal. 

To further enhance the dishes we offer is the unique atmosphere of our special ambience: two inside dining rooms which can host up to 60 guests with end of nineteenth century furniture, marble tables, elegant dressers and display cabinets, original Thonet chairs and a collection of signed paintings which decorate the walls. We can host 26 guests in the outside courtyard.
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