Traditional Venetian cusine

The Antica Besseta is one of the oldest Venetian trattorias situated just a few minutes from Rialto, Piazzale Roma and the Santa Lucia Station in the neighbourhood of the beautiful churches of San Giacomo dell'Orio and San Simeon Piccolo. Tucked away from the most trodden routes, our trattoria is one of the favourite places of the Venetians especially given that it is flanked by the now famous Salizada de Cà Zusto, the narrowest alley (Calle) in Venice.


The Venetian cuisine came into being many years ago when fish, game and fruit and vegetables were combined to create unique products and ingredients. All the gastronomy is predominantly made of up of four ingredients: polenta, rise, beans and dried salted cod. It is these 4 essential ingredients which are used to create a series of original and unique recipes since they express the merging of history-tradition and the past.



The name Antica Besseta stems from the old word "Bessi" meaning coins in the Venetian dialect. In the XIX C the restaurant, probably a small inn, was where the owner with a sister who showed no pity for the paupers in the area, used to occasionally give food and "Bessi" (coins) to the neediest.Originally called Vecia Besseta, it was subsequently the Antica Besseta.

This old Venetian proverb stems from the same period:Bessi fa bessi e peoci fa peoci. (Money attracts money and lice carry lice.)

end of 19 th century

End of the 19 th century furniture with dressers, display cabinets, marble tables and original Thonet chairs.

A marvellous collection of signed paintings left by the professors and artists who frequented the restaurant decorate the walls of the trattoria. (Seme, Borsato, Guidi, Venere, etc. )

We can seat 50 and our trattoria is perfect for business/incentive club lunches and dinners or for spending a romantic evening in good company. All of this accompanied by a selection of local wines and...  

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